Sunday, July 29, 2012


This August, THREE new DC Super-Pets titles go on sale! Written by yours truly and illustrated by the ever so talented Art Baltazar, the stories follow the adventures of Swamp Thing, Aqualad, and the Atom. Or, more importantly, the adventures of their pets!
The books are displayed by my editor, and fashionable hand model, Donnie Lemke.
Stay tuned!

Monday, July 9, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises continues to gain momentum. Two articles about the Secret Files Scrapbook (written by Brandon T. Snider) and Batman Versus Bane (illustrated by Andie Tong) have popped up as hungry fans continue to gobble up every new piece of information. You can check them out here:

Also, here's a pic of some of the titles on display at NYC's very own Midtown Comics (including the Design & Draw book written by yours truly). Photo credit to my friend Evan who flew all the way from Greece to take it!